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Beef in the USA – a Short History of Beef and the Hamburger

The US is the birthplace of one of the most popular and highly consumed foods of our time, the hamburger. The Americas originally had no cattle. The first to bring livestock was Columbus on his second voyage. Further explorers brought more cattle from their respective countries with England transporting the most. The early Spanish missionaries grew the largest ranches with herds over 400,000 head.

Culturally, the United States was well set up for inventions and improvisations. With a small population but large beef production numbers (like Australia today) it should come as a surprise that the hamburger is an American invention. A Texan named Fletcher Davis invented the beef sandwich in the late 1800s. The main ingredient in this burger is a juicy chunk of beef; without which this hamburger is not worth the price.

The US is the leading producer of the main ingredient of this fast, popular and conventional food. The juicy, chunky and hefty beef slice. Though on a domestic level the surge of consumption has seen a little decline due to obesity and other issues, the export are increasing and the demand is on all-time high for beef.

The ranches and farms that breed cattle for beef purposes are spread across all the states of United States though a little more dispersed in the northeastern states. Approximately 30,000,000 beauties in black, white, brown, grey colors are roaming around more than 55,000 farms. Much of these owners are small scale farmers with a herd which consists of a relatively smaller quantity of cows. Mostly they fence the farm to mark the land and provide protection. Temporary shelters are provided at times when the weather deteriorates and essential veterinary services are provided when needed.

Mostly pastures and hay are provided as major sources of food. They are naturally grown and are directly provided from the source only. Feedlots are also very popular.

Technology is now being introduced in many areas to assist with the breeding of these cattle as well as to assist in removing the reservations of the public in relation to the health and quality of beef produced.

Beef demand is increasing as this nutrient rich food which has no replacement. The US farmers are the highest donors in meeting this demand. As more concentration is placed on breeding steers in an environmentally safe manner and more hygienic condition the beef industry will see a new wave of growth.