Infrared Grill

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  • Quickly cook steak, fish, chicken and more with infrared grill that heats to 1500 degrees
  • Quick cooking should mean quick cleaning, easily remove the grill rack and all of its components and put them straight into the dishwasher
  • German crafted the infrared grill is built to last, propane fueled with a push start ignitor, OUTDOOR USE ONLY


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This BBQ is the latest innovation in backyard grilling, giving your steak the perfect sear in just seconds. Our high temperature, propane fueled BBQ’s instantly climb to 800°C (1,500°F) and are easy to move. Perfect for backyard grilling, cottages, tailgating, or camping. Not limited to steak, you can also cook fish, shrimp, pork, burgers, chicken, and desserts. Begin with a simple push-to-start igniter and finish by loading all stainless-steel interior components in the dishwasher.


Infrared Grill

The reason this BBQ can cook a complete meal in minutes is due to its infrared grill. It sears and cooks to perfection while locking in the juices, quicker than any other grill on the market.


Quick Start

Starting your BBQ has never been easier. All you need to do to turn on your infrared grill is use the push-to-start ignitor and you’re ready to go. The grill climbs to 800°C (1,500°F) instantly and you’ll be cooking in no time.


4 Racks

With the infrared grill on the top of the unit, you have the option to cook your meal on four different rows away from the heat. Cook a 1″ steak to medium rare on rack 1 or make it a medium on rack 2.


Quick Cleaning

When we say quick cleaning, we mean it. All of the interior components are stainless-steel and effortlessly slide out of the unit. They can all be placed in the dishwasher for a quick cleaning.



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Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 15 in


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