Infrared Grill: An Honest Review of the Inferno (2019)

cooking steak on the inferno infrared grill

We purchased the Inferno infrared grill in November of 2018. We were excited to try it out considering the weather here in Western Canada can get really cold at this time of year. Cooking steak is great, but standing outside for any considerable length of time is not appealing when it is that cold out. We were very lucky the snow held off but over the following 4 months however, we consistently had temperatures around – 25 C.  This didn’t stop us because we wanted steak, and we wanted to try our Inferno! 

The fact that we could cook it so quickly was extremely appealing considering the weather.  We wanted to share our experiences with the Inferno so you can be a step ahead if decide to buy one.

The First Use of the Inferno Ingrared Grill

The first time we planned to use the Inferno, we had purchased some beautiful New York strip steaks and they were pretty thick, at least 1 ¼ inch or more. We followed the instructions and actually ended up over cooking the first steak on the outside and raw on the inside. 

In retrospect, this was an error on our part. We forgot how the instructions did say times were based on 1 inch thick steaks. As previously mentioned, ours were thicker.

So, we lowered the rack and extended the cooking time. We were doing 4 steaks, so we had a really good opportunity to improve our cooking method with each steak.  By the 4th steak we had settled on the perfect height and length of time for cooking.

We found that thicker steaks like the ones we were using should be cooked on the second rack level, and at least two minutes a side, possibly two and a half minutes per side.

Cold Weather Use

Because the inferno infrared grill is completely open at the front, we noticed longer/larger steaks should be rotated 180 degrees about halfway through the cooking of each side. We used it when it was -25C outside and the end of the steak that was closest to the front didn’t cook as well. So rotating longer steaks halfway through the cooking of each side should be done in colder weather.

Another thing I noticed while cooking in cold weather was that I felt comfortable going inside briefly in between flipping and rotating the steaks. On a regular BBQ I never do that. I sit and baby steaks on a BBQ. With the inferno I could go inside for about a minute, warm up, then go back out for the 10 seconds it took to rotate or flip the steak.

Let Your Steak Rest

The most important step in the cooking process is the waiting period immediately after the steak comes off the grill.  The instructions say to let it rest for 5 minutes. We did a couple of things to improve on this step:

  • First, we heated an ovenproof platter in the
    oven ahead of time.  I set the oven to
    350 degrees Fahrenheit, put the platter in and left it there until the first
    steak was removed from the grill. 
  • Remove the preheated platter, place the steak on
    the platter, and cover it with foil wrap. Start the timer for 5 minutes.  Do not put it back in the oven!  The heated platter just helps to keep the
    heat in the steak and the foil wrap does the same thing but also helps produce
    some fine juices in the process. 
  • After the timer went, we cut into the steak and
    it was what we considered to be a perfectly cooked medium rare steak. 


The taste of the steak was excellent. One might dare say better than cooking on a regular BBQ. I would pick a perfectly cooked steak off the inferno over a BBQ any day.

Conclusion on the Inferno Infrared Grill

We have since cooked pork chops and hamburgers on the Inferno infrared grill with success.  The real trick is the balance between the thickness of the meat and the height you set the grill so you don’t burn the outside and end up with a raw inside. The thinner the cut of meat, the higher you can place the rack and shorter you can cook it. Pork chops cooked in no time.

The only drawback to the Inferno infrared grill is that you cannot feed an army because you virtually have to cook one steak at a time.  However, then you would revert back to your big monster gas barbecue for that!

Interested in an infrared grill? You can get yours here on, or on Amazon.

Have fun with it and happy grilling!

infrared grill with meat on cutting board


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