Local Beef Benefits the Local Economy – And It’s Healthier Too!

Buying beef directly from local ranchers means that the money you spend on your beef needs stays in the local economy, where it benefits you by keeping businesses and institutions that you depend on going strong.

When you buy your beef from a local cattle farm or ranch, the farmer receives a higher price per pound than he would if he sold his cattle to a large meat processor. That price may well be less than you pay at the supermarket for beef of far lower quality, but the farmer still ends up with more of a profit for his hard work in maintaining a quality herd.

The rancher is a member of your local community. His success helps to boost businesses and institutions that you depend on as well. Far too many independent farmers are being forced to cease their operations, or to sell their farms to large “factory farming” or “agribusiness” concerns which answer to shareholders who most probably do not live anywhere near the farms that they control. Keeping local farms going by buying locally raised beef means that local farmers have a better chance of being able to succeed at maintaining the ranches and farms that have in many cases been in their families for generations.

Locally raised beef is raised with its customers in mind. Ranchers who sell beef directly to the consumer know that consumers who purchase from them are educated and health-conscious. Therefore, they strive to produce the highest quality lean beef possible, by allowing their cattle to graze freely and by ensuring that they are fed grain and other cattle feed that is free of harmful additives such as growth hormones and needless antibiotics. Indeed, local ranchers are a reliable supply of growth hormone-free beef that is also far tastier and easier to cook than factory-farmed supermarket meat.

Buying beef locally maintains the health of your local economy by helping ranchers obtain a fair price for the high-quality meat that they produce. This does much to help them maintain their farms rather than being forced to sell to large companies with no roots in the area. As local farmers know that their customers, who are their neighbors, want the best and healthiest meat, buying directly from them helps you maintain your health and the health of your family. They return your support by making sure their beef is free of harmful chemicals.