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We had a student gather up some interesting links from around the web to share with you. Consider the following:

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LinkAbout this link
U of M Beef CenterBeef is a necessary part of our balanced diet. This site provide us complete information regarding cows/calf, beef health, dairy beef production and reproduction as well.
Minnesota Beef CouncilIf you want to get comprehensive information about beef like nutrition, health, safety and products, then nothing could be better than Minnesota Beef Council Website.
Arizona Beef CouncilTo enjoy the real taste of beef, you should get complete knowledge about this wonderful meet product. The present site is one of the best sources that provide guidance about beef.
Beef Information CentreIf you want to know Canadian standards regarding beef, then visit this site. The site will guide you about every single aspect of beef standards.
Nebraska Beef CouncilNow, you have no need to worry at all before purchasing beef. You can get all necessary information about nutrition and cooking of beef, from this site.
Beef Quality AssuranceNo doubt, beef is available at every place and every corner. However, if you want to know about beef quality assurance, this site will be enough for you.
Australian Beef IndustryThe Australian beef industry is well known for its quality beef products. The site provides you necessary information about complete cycle of beef from reproduction to end-use.
Beef Cattle SeedstockTo compare the beef breed animals with commercial cattle, you can see visit this site. Here you can clear your concepts about seed stock and commercial cattle.
Beef Cattle ProductionThere is a direct relation of feed and milk of cow. Here you can get information about effect of cow's milk as well as weight on its feed cost.
Where's the beef?Sara Dark magic blog gives you an opportunity to take part in debates regarding numerous issues like beef or anything else. Moreover, you can express your views regarding that problem.
Red Angus Association of AmericaTo enroll your cattle in Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP), you can get requirement and procedure from this site, so that your beef could get 'Grid Master' title.
CattleSense at the Cattle NetworkTo get latest news about cows and calves, their health, diseases and remedies, nutrition and other biological terms, you should view this site regularly.
Steak PerfectionMany sites are available on internet having very detailed information regarding cow breed, types, nutrition etc. However, this site will never disappoint you about getting any remarkable information about beef.
Alabama Beef BlogAlabama's beef industry and Alabama Cattleman Association are two world famous names in beef market. Here, you can review these terms in a comprehensive manner.
Beef Cattle Handbook - CornellIf you need a comprehensive guideline about beef cattle breed, nutrition, health, training and grooming, I think this is the right book for you.
Fair Trade Livestock Marketing ChainsThe present documentation guides you about systematic procedure of starting livestock marketing in Nairobi, in a very efficient and easy way.
Learning about organic beef at Prather RanchJust read the present document to get answers of your questions about Prather Ranch, like what is the inspection criteria of animals, how they are treated here etc.
Alberta Government Beef IndustryAlberta government is here to provide you necessary information about technicalities involve in beef production business. Here, you can get knowledge of any type regarding this business.
FarmBis - The Benefits of LearningTo learn all about management courses related with beef production business like business management, production management and people management. You can trust on this document with complete confidence.
Beef CRC - Beef Genetic TechnologiesIf you want to get complete information about updated scientific research work on beef genetics and other scientific issues related with beef, this is the right site in your hands.
Queensland's beef industryQueensland, Australia's famous producer and exporter of beef, is here for you to present the unique features of its company about research and development work for providing best quality beef.
BEEF @ PURDUEBeef @ Purdue is no doubt, a very reliable source in providing best and latest information about beef business. Here are some beef related sites and articles for you, from Beef @ Purdue.
Texas A&M Department of Animal ScienceAre you looking for such documents that could provide you detailed and deep information about every aspect of beef cattle. Do not worry! This is the right document in your hands.
Feeding Beef CattleTo get healthy beef, it is very important to feed your animal in a regular and best way. The proper document is in your hands to get knowledge about feeding rules of animals.
Ireland Department of AgricultureThe present site provides you daily updated information about beef rates in whole Ireland, including individual factory prices as well as national weekly price.
ERS/USDA Data - Meat Price SpreadsEconomic research service is here for you to provide difference in meat prices from farm to wholesale as well as retail market. Here you can compare the profit margin at every step.
California Beef CouncilThis site gives you an opportunity to know cattle ranchers and farmers as first and everyday environmentalists on our beloved earth.
Resources for Beef FacilitiesHere is a wide range of resource available for Veterinarians in the field of beef cattle production and other necessary information related to this field.
University of WyomingTo know about present cattle market situation, strategies and role, this document could help you in a very efficient and best way.