Marketing Names

Marketing Names are an affordable, new marketing concept designed by Left of the Dot Media that makes it easier for you to attract attention and get more sales. Marketing Names are short, brandable keyword concepts attached as sub-domains to the brand.

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When you attach a Marketing Name to the web address, you instantly get a memorable website address that helps define an entire category. You also get an address that can rank well in search engines, an address that will get you more click-thrus on your online advertising, and an address that is inherently trusted by potential customers.

How does it work?

Your Marketing Name can be pointed at your existing website, forwarded to one of your directory listings on, used as a landing or splash page for any marketing campaign, and even used to brand your entire website and operated as a business unto itself.

After signing up for a Marketing Name, you will be prompted to “Point” your name. You can let us know at any time should you want to point this name to a different destination.

The Science Behind Marketing Names

Marketing Names can help bring you more traffic and customers, but don’t just take our word for it. Look at some of the research behind it…

  1. A few years ago, a Microsoft Research study found that Internet searchers spend, 24% of their gaze time looking at the website address in the search results. They also concluded that searchers are particularly interested in the website address when they are assessing the credibility of a destination. If the domain names looks untrustworthy, people are less likely to click on the search result. On the other hand, if the website address looks like the page will address the user’s question, they are more likely to click.
  2. Another recent study by MemorableDomains looked at the benefits of using generic domain names in paid search advertising. The study compared the difference in click-thru-rates when the only factor changed was the domain name itself. The results showed that a keyword-rich generic domain name produced a 105% more clicks than the non-keyword concept.
  3. Search engines have long held that the domain name is a good indicator as to what the website is really all about. This also holds true for sub-domains. In fact, leading search marketing specialists concluded that, in regards to on-site search ranking factors, having an exact match root domain name as well as having a keyword in the sub-domain are two of the top influencing factors for all search engines.

Choosing a Marketing Name that is Right for You

Want help finding the best Marketing Name for your business? Contact us today and we will help you pick the best name for your business or service.

The best names are those that use keywords to describe your business niche, your geographic area, your products, or that which makes you unique to the world at large. We have identified some Premium Marketing Names that are highly brandable, have clear search intent, and have search traffic behind them.

You can add a Marketing Name from within your client dashboard (right-side menu), or you can click on any of the names below to get started (Note: Some of the names listed below are NOT available at this time). Blonded